Monday, December 11, 2017



Southern California Edison Power Hour –

A Proven Homework Program – in Boys & Girls Clubs

In response to the call for more effective homework assistance
programs for low-income youth, Southern California Edison is working with the Boys & Girls Club of
Cathedral City to support the continued implementation of Power Hour for over 100 Club members.
This highly successful homework assistance program, implemented by Boys & Girls Club of
Cathedral City helps young people come to view homework as an opportunity to learn to
work independently, complete projects on time and feel positive about their accomplishments.
“We are grateful to Edison for enabling us to continue utilizing such a high-quality
homework assistance program like Power Hour,” said Sandra Flores the education
director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cathedral City.  “So many of the children we serve
simply do not have access to the resources necessary for successful homework completion,
which is critical to their everyday academic success.”
Power Hour: Making Minutes Count is an interactive, after-school homework assistance
program for children ages 6 to 18. Unlike assignments done in class, Power Hour work is
conducted in a non-threatening and fun after-school environment using adults or older
members, who serve as “Homework Helpers,” to supervise completion of Club members’ homework.
In addition to homework help, these staff or volunteers offer age-appropriate
activities to stimulate Club members’ interest in learning. By explaining the relevance of
learning fractions in order to cook a meal for example, or by showing how geography can
enable us to enjoy reading the newspaper, volunteers help Club members learn to value the
knowledge homework can bring. Power Hour’s long-term goals are to ensure that youth
graduate from high school, pursue postsecondary educations and become life-long learners.



Club Tech!!! Members learn the basics of using the computer through Skill Tech, understanding how to use power point, office, slide shows, make business cards and greeting cards. Adventures in excel, exploring the internet and much, much more. Club Tech is open to the age groups of 6 years of age and up.

The learning Center has a wide range of activities that consist of math skills, reading skills, spelling and vocabulary games. Games are used to help with these skills to make learning more fun for all our members.

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